So You’re Going to Help me Make Money Online Right?

Lets Get Started and make money online

So You’re Going to Help me Make Money Online Right?


Well over the next few months I will be posting updates on anything to help us BOTH make money online, I will be sharing my knowledge on tips, ideas, websites & tools. I will share my progress with you & hopefully you will share yours too.

If you’ve just landed on this post then please check out my about page.  It’s just a short profile & there I explain that this is a journey I want us to take together. It doesn’t matter at what stage you are at or how much you know already. But we both want the same thing & that’s all that matters, together I am 100% sure we can make it to that finishing line.

I am 39 & my plan is that I have made it by the time I’m 40 or at least see proof that revenue is increasing at a good rate. My birthday is in September, so that gives us just under 12 months (at the time if writing) to do it.

We all know that it’s possible to make money online, we all know it isn’t really that difficult to make money online BUT we also know that actually FINDING that way to start making money online can be the biggest obstacle.

Right so let’s do it shall we?  First off, I would advise that you sign up to my newsletter, that way you won’t miss a thing that’s posted on here.

And it would be great if you got involved & posted in the comments section below, maybe you have struggled with internet marketing in ythe past & given up, you may need advice on something or maybe you’re just starting out & it’s all a bit scary.

That’s what comments are for right? & that’s one tool we can all start using right away

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