Best Tools for Internet Marketing

Ok so lets get a list of the best tools for internet marketing shall we.

As with everything on this site, this is what I personally use, If you have used anything else that you would recommend then please share it with everyone in the comments box below. Advance warning, please don’t post affiliate links as the comment won’t be be approved. This site is for REAL recommendations to help us all not a platform to just earn a buck of someone.

Ok cool :)  Thinking about it,  I suppose it’s been so easy for us over a period of time, to have kept a record of all the sites & passwords we have needed & that list is probably pretty big now. But we need them all don’t we?  No we don’t because I’m sure that half those sites we’ve written down, we went on them once or twice maybe, realised it wasn’t what we had hoped or thought it would be & then never went back. But we keep it because “it might come in handy one day”  Let’s be honest….no it won’t!

So really we can make a real short list of everything we need

Domain Name:  An obvious one, but we need our www

Website:  Again, fairly obvious, but we need it on the list dont we.

Auto-Responder:  How else are we going to store those email addresses without one?

Affiliate Links:  So we can earn money from our website & from our emails.

Now I would say that those three are probably the three main items you need. On top of those I will add a couple more, but they are the main bones of the business wouldn’t you agree? I mean you could possibly do it with just those three really.

I will add a free website I use to alter some images. I only use it to give images a transparent background, I think it’s so handy.

And also another free website I use for facebook & twitter headers. Banner ads & any sort of artwork too really. I still can’t believe it’s free! You can upgrade to Canva for work but personally I have stuck with the free one, I may upgrade one day if I need too but the free is fine to start with, for me anyway.

Anything else we need? Well to start off with I don’t think so.  We have our website which is our main “shop front” we have an autoresponder to build up our list & we have affiliate links to start earning some money.

Moving forward we will need to look into analysing our site but we can cover that in a blog post can’t we.

I will just add the word Niche & SEO/Keywords to our first list as we will need to have our niche sorted & the keywords relevant to that niche ready before we start publishing any content.  So I think I will make that my next post. That way you can get started.

I will can cover the best firms to use for domain names & autoresponders etc.. in a seperate post but if you want to go ahead & get yourself a domain name now, you can click here or on the list above & get yourself one from a company called NameCheap. That’s who I get all my domain names from.

Now i imagine that reading this, you may be thinking you’ve heard it all before, or it all sounds so similiar etc.. Yes it probably will BUT… THIS time we are not going to get side tracked by something else that look shiny & new are we!

We’re doing this together!

Now let’s get some content sorted….

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