Hi there, well first of all I must thankyou for choosing to find out more about the man behind this website & that’ll be me then :)

Ok, well I’m Richard & I am from the UK & at the time of writing I am 39 years old.

So about me?   Well I did have a full time job until about 4 months ago, it was ok pay wise to be fair & I had been long hard days workwith the company for 21 years !!  But you know what, every day getting up at 6:30am driving 25 miles to work, then driving the same 25 miles home again, getting in at around 18:30 – 19:00. Summer time wasn’t too bad, but in Winter errghh! I always believed that there was something better, not to say I didn’t enjoy my job & the people I worked with. But having suffered from mild depression for a little bit after a few personal problems & the passing of my father, I guess it just made me even more sure.


roundabout signI felt like I was on a roundabout, just going round & round & round.  Like millions of other people I guess, the same routine day after day & not really getting anywhere, earning just enough to pay the bills, food & barely covering any extra debt you may have.

Maybe that sounds familiar?

I dunno, maybe I dream too much. But nearly every night after a hard days work I would then get on the laptop & research, set up websites & try to find that “magic way”.  Everything I currently do online I have taught myself in one way or another.

What do I do now?  Well currently I am in the process of going self -employed designing websites. I have built a business directory website for the local town where I live.  I also decided to take computer classes, not to learn – although there is always something new to learn isn’t there, but although I have the knowledge I never actually gained any qualifications, so I figured IF my plan didn’t work out I would have something to take to a future employer (they like to see certificates & qualifications don’t they)  & now I am able to spend more time putting my knowledge about online marketing to use, rather than just a couple of hours in the evening after working my butt off all day.

So this website & blog is for me & you to share knowledge. I figure if you have spent time reading this then you too are interested in making the internet work for you & to make some cash from it. Right?finishing line ahead

I think it’s fair to say that my main problem in the past has been searching for that illusive cash cow, finding something that looks good, starting out then probably giving up because I hadn’t earned anything. It’s also possible that all those times I’d given up I may have just been a month maybe even a week or so away from actually getting there. I suppose it’s a bit like running a race, but not being told where the finishing line is, then giving up when in reality, without knowing it,  you may have only been 10 metres away from the line.

I’m thinking that might sound familiar to you.

So there we go, maybe not wanted you wanted to hear, I’m NOT a millionaire, I’m not going to show you photos of fast cars, holiday homes & piles of cash & claim they mine. BUT I tell you what, I DO believe that in time, both me & you WILL make some serious cash online. Because we both know it’s possible.

I will be regularly posting about what I’m doing & it would be great if you would bookmark this page & comment on your progress too. I might not have “made it” yet but I do think I have plenty of knowledge to share with you about starting out. It all depends on how far in you are too I suppose. I’m pretty sure I could learn from your experiences too & that’s really what this site is all about.

If you sign up for my newsletter too then you won’t miss a thing.  We must promise each other one thing though, that neither of us will give up !! Deal?

Thanks for reading, let’s do it !


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